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Since February 2005, BlancoGuide has been an unofficial, online resource that has made governmental documents and drafts available to citizens of the City of Blanco and Blanco County.
Given the length of many documents, and the number of revisions involved in the comment process, BlancoGuide has saved the city and its citizens untold sums while also making the material immediately available from any location with an Internet-connected computer.
How to Write Press Releases That Will Get Published -- Well, at least they'll have a good chance.
Blanco Pioneer Museum -- The Blanco Pioneer Museum opened in Blanco, Texas, in 2010 after years of planning. The building, located in the Blanco Historic District at 418 Pecan Street, was recently restored. CRoW is working with the board and volunteers to create a website that portrays the museum and brings in visitors.
News ReleaseThe Assistance Center Invites All to Ribbon Cutting Ceremony — New Rochelle, NY.

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