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Great for Small Publications

We know small newspapers, magazines, and other publications don't have a lot of resources for creating a website and keeping it updated! Our system is designed to be easy and quick without creating a burden on the publication's staff.

A web presence is a must in 2024. You need a website to tell people you exist, where and how to contact you, and how to advertise with your publication. Our system does that.

Providing your readers with a way to subscribe and pay online, access online issues, and keep up-to-date with the news you publish — from anywhere — is a valuable service. Our system does that, too.

We've worked with family-owned newspapers for nearly 15 years. Now as a freelance designers and developers, we create websites and online edition readers for several small newspapers. We'd be glad to speak with you about your needs and create a proposal for a website with an eEdition for your publication. Contact us today.


Our websites use responsive design so that they look great on desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Your content automatically shifts and sizes to fit the screen the reader is using.


Setup includes preparing a mast logo and color scheme for the website, a customized Subscribe page to match your subscription plans, assistance to setup website settings, setup for Google Analytics, Google Sign-In, and Facebook for website support.

User Accounts

Your readers can create accounts, or login using their Google and Facebook accounts, to access their own online subscriptions.


Customers can purchase and pay for online and print subscriptions. Your office is notified of purchases. Online subscriptions are automatically applied to the user's account.


Subscribers can read current and past issues with the eEdition reader. It's compatible with both desktop and tablet/phone browsers. Issues and special sections are listed in chronological order for easy access. Subscribers are emailed on the day the issue is released.


Allows the publication to post articles with photos. Individual articles can be designated "Free" for everyone to read and share through social media. It's great for breaking news, news updates, and popular articles.

Online Display Ads

Sell advertising online and post JPG web ads in several zones: Leaderboard (large across the top), Local Leaderboard (smaller across the top and on the eEdition Reader), and in the sidebar.

Content Management System

Our News CMS provides access for authorized employees to manage articles, eEditions, online display ads, user accounts, and settings.

Upload – Newspaper or magazine page PDFs are uploaded by the office to our processing site. The pages are then processed and appear as an eEdition. Individual issues can be marked “Free” for anyone to read regardless of subscription.

Articles – Articles and photos can be posted and edited. Body copy uses custom markdown for easy formatting.

Payments – Admins can view a record of purchases, including subscription mailing addresses.

User Editor – Create, edit, and delete user accounts. Online subscriptions can be modified.

Display Ad Manager – Manage online display ads and where they appear.

Payment Processing

We interface with secure payment processors PayPal and Stripe. The publication will create and maintain processor account. Credit cards and funds will not be stored or transferred through the website.

Informational Pages

Home Page – The home page welcomes visitors to the publication website and shows the current issue’s front page, several previous issues, and any published news articles.

Contact Us – Shows your office's contact phone numbers, fax number, email address(es), mailing and office addresses. Visitors can use the contact form to contact your office directly from the website.

Advertise – Information on advertising opportunities and who to contact for more information.

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